Kimono fleurs de mariage bleu

CHF 98.00

A kimono with African wax fabric is a beautiful and unique combination to be. The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that is often made of silky fabrics and usually falls loosely and flowingly around the body.

African wax fabric, also known as “Wax Prints”, is a colorful cotton fabric printed with wax. It is very popular in many African countries and has a rich history and importance in African culture.

When these two elements are combined, a unique kimono can be created that combines the cultural traditions of both regions. The African wax fabric can add color and pattern to the kimono, and interpret the traditional style of the garment in a new and exciting way.

The African wax fabric kimono can also be worn as a statement piece that celebrates the diversity and beauty of cultures around the world.

Size – Waist Unique – TA