Return Policy


How long can I return a product?


You can return your product within 3 working days. Of course, the product should still be unused or unused.

Will I be charged for a return?


  • Dispensing with us in Dietikon: none
  • Parcel shipping: CHF 7.-

In the following cases, the postage costs will be covered by Coolstyle:

  • Receipt of a different product than ordered
  • Incorrect product information in the online store
  • Receipt of a product not ordered
  • Receiving an incomplete product
  • How can I initiate a return?

    1. Return by mail or Whatsapp to register with us.
    2. Indicate reason for return and condition of packaging
    3. Specify how you want to return the product
  • Post return
  • As soon as we receive your goods, they will be checked and a possible refund will be initiated.

    Are there any products that I cannot return?

    For damaged, defective or non-functional products you canfiledefect.